La Bella Figura: My Italian Way of Life

img_0860“The beautiful figure”, is literally the translation of La bella figura. This philosophy rules the lives of the Italians, but also my life. The main core of bella figura is presentation: how I look and how I make the best possible impression in all things.

Italy has been creating beauty for centuries so it is not a surprise that this concept is natural to the Italians. And because bella figura is hardwired in my personality, I realise I also have an Italian way of life. I incorporate beauty in every aspect of my life, whether I express it through my taste in art, the products I own or more simply by the perfect grooming of my appearance.

But it is also defined in behavior. Bella figura goes beyond presentation, image and visual beauty. Knowing how to graciously and properly interact with others in any social or public situation. Exhibiting gentility, tact and good manners is an essential component of fare una bella figura.


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