Human ranking on the food chain

Like most people, I need others to survive. I need grocery stores for my food, companies to provide me of gas and electricity, cops with guns to protect me from the bad guys and larger animals. The list goes on. I don’t have the means to grow crops and if my electricity and gas would be cut off, I would be completely shut out from technology. So let’s say I am like most people and a world catastrophe takes place and eliminates all forms of technology including papers or books to gather information from. And by some weird reason our weapons also wouldn’t work. In this scenario…

What would become of mankind? Will we still be on top of the food chain? Humans have the idea we belong on top of the food chain. Whether it is to justify how we treat other species or to just justify a carnivorous diet and lifestyle. But are we on top of the food chain? According to the trophic scale (calculated level on the food scale) we are just a 2,2 amongst pigs and cows! The samen animals we slaughter and abuse to feed ourselves. The only reason we are not prey is because of our ability to reason and our technology.


How do we know we are a 2,2 and below the range of fish? French researchers calculated the human tropic level by using data from the U.N. Food an Agricultural Organization. The findings were published in 2013 in the, Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences.

The scale is based on human diet, but in my point of view it shows we are not the stronger species. To be on top of the food chain we would have to eat the meat of the animals on the higher ranks and no way on earth are we stronger than a lion or polar bear. Imagine what I said at the beginning, without technology we would be as frightened as the pigs and cows or any animal we humans consume.


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