Life after the movie “Vegucated”

I never liked milk. Never drank it. My mom stopped giving me milk as a toddler when she saw that it made me vomit. When I became older, the thing I always heard was to drink milk because it is healthy. That really didn’t do it for me. The idea of drinking juice of an animal sounded grose, I might as well be drinking his blood. I must admit I am a bit peculiar. Same goes for eggs. The idea eating a foetus sounded icky.

In October of last year I watched the movie Cowspiracy so I allready knew how the meat industry opperated and what it is doing to our environment. But last week I watched a movie that made a big impact on me and I concider it a great introduction to veganism: “Vegucated”.

This documentary shows how the cover_vegucated
industry treats animals, what it does to our planet and health without showing too much horror-like animal abuse footages. These footages, for me, were enough to realise the industry is far more worse than I thought. So everytime I see cheese, I see cows being inseminated etc., etc. But the footages were enough not to give me body ache or nightmares, litterally. I am very sensitive. Anyway, this made me think. Many non-vegans don’t bother to get educated on veganism, because vegans can be really in your face and pushy. Most people are ignorant and lack the skill of convincing. To top it off, if you show a non-vegan an animal abuse video from the get go you can bet a hunderd euro’s on him that he will run like he’s running for the Olympics. It is all about dosing the information and convincing and creating a like-factor that will make the non-vegan glued to your words. I see “Vegucated” as the ultimate introduction to veganism, basically about how this whole consumption industry roles, what it does to our planet and our body.

You becha! I am going to show and recommend this movie to everyone I know with a thinking capacity of more than a cauliflower 🙂




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