Embrace the whimsical you


As a little girl, do remember playing with your Barbie and dreaming to grow up just to be like her? Most of us have lost touch of our feminine dreams of being great and our fairylike touch has been traded in for a masculine take on life and success. Without even realising, we have become masculine with a masculine view on success and take on life. We want to prove we can do better than, or as well as the men. We are so desperate to attain as much as men to make us equal and happy and with that we also want a successful career, family, kids etc. etc. In this whole state of mind we forget we are actually, truly, really magical and sexy beings.

Along the way, through te decades, we have forgotten that our power doesn’t lie in competing with men or trying to be like them. Our power lies in our female strengts of compassion and tenderness. Our femininity and sexuality empower, enliven and inspire our environment, whether it is on the workplace or at the gym. So stop competing and be a fairytale.

To live the feminine dream is to be committed on taking good care of yourself everyday. I don’t have expensive clothes or jewelry, but I look fantastic. It is all about the attention you have on putting yourself together. Excercise, be clean, tastefully apply your make-up. Even go the extra mile on having an adorable nighty.

The bottomline is not to obsess to achieve some unrealistic ideal of perfection. Trying to be perfect and equal has made us lose our feminine side. Instead of trying to be masculine, take care of yourself and embrace the whimsical you.




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