9 Reasons Why I Went Vegan


Veganism is becoming more mainstream and the amount of pure plant based products to offer consumers is growing.

Vegans don’t consume any animal products and also don’t use wool, leather, silk, fur and leather.

These are the main reasons why I went vegan:

1. Against the exploitation of animals. In the industrial farms animals are kept in conjusted conditions untill the day they are loaded off for the slaughter house.
2. Saves money. Eating plantbased is cheaper than meat.
3. Animals feel pain too.
4. Meat consists of stress hormones released during slaughter.
5. Plantbased meals taste great! It’s all about using herbs and spices. Learning how to create vegan versions of foods can just as easily become a way of life.
6. Eating animal protein increases the risk of cancer.
7. Drinking milk is unnatural.
Cats don’t drink elephant milk, why should we drink cow milk?
8. It is eco-friendly.
Raising animals to produce meat and dairy drastically increases production of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and other greenhouse gases. By going vegan, you can reduce their carbon dioxide emission and water use.
9. You can get all the nutrients from plants.
When it comes to B vitamins and iron, you can easily find these in many vegetables, grains, nutritional yeast, fermented soy products and non-dairy milks.


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