13 Reasons Why I Would Vote for Trump


I think Trump will do quite well in the office. I am tired of all the Dutch sneering towards Trump supporters: “we know better”, “are you nuts?”. Instead of proclaiming Trump will make a fine president, many have been silenced. It is the forever on-going peer pressure that is in the human nature. To bend for the mainstream idea that is. Well I am not the average so this is why I think Trump would make a fine president:

1. He wants to build a wall between Mexico and America and will have Mexico pay for it.
2. He will fight ISIS / Islamic terrorism.
3. He is confident and has his own interrest, so he can’t be bought.
4. He puts Americans first.
5. He believes in a strong army.
6. He is a great negotiator and knows how to get things done in business.
7. He is not a racist, he just doesn’t like criminals.
8. He isn’t politically correct. At least you know he speaks the truth.
9. He doesn’t have to rely on sponsors, he has his own money.
10. He actually is concerned about the middle-class and the blue collared worker. Jobs first for the American citizen.
11. Wouldn’t surprise me if there is a democratic plot against him.
12. He helps women. He has a history of building women up and giving them career opportunities.
13. His immigration policy is spot on.

Yes I know, these are one-liners. But I work full-time and didn’t have any time to write an essay today and the results are in less than 10 hours.


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