Cozy autumn


After the summer it is time for “autumn food”. Go to my grocery store and buy seasonal products. The autumn season does have its disadvantages, I thought as I put on my stilletto’s and miniskirt. In a thick cardigan and pants I feel much less at ease than in a miniskirt with stilletto’s. These chique clothes are much finer than my warm clothes. And I sleep less better now my house is not as tropical warm. But besides the few disadvantages I love the cozy autumn at home. The summer is over and I do not mind. I actually enjoy this time of the year. Put on my thick trenchcoat and go outside to sit in the sun. The wind in my hair, the air cold and a little damp to the touch. Inside I have my pans on the stove and the candles will be lit in a while. Autumn is cozy, that makes me happy.



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